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Satellite School (Most Recent First)

Satellite Communications Masterclasses
Satellite Link and Interference Analysis and Satellite Frequency Coordination and ITU Radio Regulations Masterclass
Introduction To Link Budgets
An introduction to link budgets, covering the basic formulae complete with examples.
Introduction To The dB
A short article explaining what the dB is and why it is used. Article contains examples.
Satellite Orbits
A short article explaining the different types of orbit satellites use, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Radio Waves And The Electromagnetic Spectrum
A short article explaining the basics about waves and the electromagnetic spectrum.

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Presentations (Most Recent First)

Satellite Coordination Calculation & Software
A lecture covering satellite coordination calculation. Both the software, and manual sides of calculation are covered.
Coordination For Satellite Networks
Covers topics including Satellite Coordination Background, Satellite - Terrestrial and Satellite - Satellite Coordination and the role of the ITU in coordination.
Lecture 2, Space Segment
This is the second in the series of general satcom tutorial lectures submitted by RPC Telecommunications.
Towards the Personal Communicator
A short lecture presented to the Surrey Section of the IEE (the IEE is the British Institution of Electrical Engineers) by Mark C J Posen of RPC Telecommunications Ltd.
Lecture 3, Earth Segment
This is the third in the series of general satcom tutorial lectures submitted by RPC Telecommunications.

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Calculators (Most Recent First)

System Noise Temperature And G/T Calculator
Input component noise and gain figures and calculate total system noise temperature and G/T values.
Antenna Diameter, Efficiency, Gain or Frequency Calculator
Simply input three of the fields Antenna Diameter, Efficiency, Gain or Frequency and the other field will be calculated automatically for you.
Conversion Calculator
Convert values to dBs, frequency to wavelength, noise dB to noise temperature and degrees to degree, minute, seconds.
Calculate Azimuth And Elevation Angles
Simply input the Earth Station Latitude and Longitude, and then the Satellite Latitude and Longitude, and this calculator calculates the Azimuth angle, the Elevation Angle, and the Range.

Software (Most Recent First)

For visual browsing of ITU space database files, intersystem interference calculation, intersystem frequency overlap analysis and frequency coordination support.
Satmaster Pro Software
Tool for link budgets, satellite aiming, modified polar mounts, dual feeds and sun outage prediction.
SatSoft Satellite Antenna Design Software
SATSOFT is used for communication satellite antenna design, analysis, and coverage planning. Quickly assess antenna coverage and gain, conduct antenna trade studies, develop shaped beam and multibeam antenna designs, and perform other satellite payload engineering tasks.


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Satcom Masterclasses
Satellite Link and Interference Analysis and Satellite Frequency Coordination and ITU Radio Regulations Masterclass
Custom Satcom Training
RPC Telecommunications have developed a host of satcom training material, including many articles on this site. For custom training, or more specific/advanced training look no further.
Satellite Signals
Satellite Signals is a technical information site in the UK providing a satellite dish pointing angle calculator with azimuth angles relative to magnetic north, list of satellites, link budget calculator, broadband high speed direct two way internet access via satellite and general VSAT information.

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