Lecture 1, General Principles

Presentation / Lecture 1, General Principles

Date Submitted: 06 June 2001

Written by RPC Telecommunications Ltd.. Website: http://www.rpctelecom.com

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This is the first in a series of general satcom tutorial lectures submitted by RPC Telecommunications.

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-Section 1
The pioneers of satellite communications
-Section 2
Historical Perspective
-Section 3
-Section 4
Advantages & Disadvantages of satellite communications.
-Section 5
Frequency bands & the Satellite Link.


INTELSAT is the original "Inter-governmental Satellite organisation".

It once owned and operated most of the World's satellites used for international communications, and still maintains a substantial fleet of satellites.

INTELSAT is moving towards "privatisation", with increasing competition from commercial operators (e.g. PanAmSat, Loral Skynet, etc.).

INTELSAT Timeline:

  • Interim organisation formed in 1964 by 11 countries
  • Permanent structure formed in 1973
  • Commercial "spin-off", New Skies Satellites in 1998
  • Full "privatisation" by April 2001

INTELSAT has 143 members and signatories listed here.

INTELSAT Structure:

-Permanent General Secretariat opened September 1978

-Intergovernmental Conference adopted definitive statutes with 26 members on 14 May 1982

-Definitive organisation entered into force on 1 September 1985

  • General Secretariat -> Executive Organ
  • ESC Council -> EUTELSAT Board of Signatories
  • Secretary General -> Director General
  • Current DG is Giuliano Berretta

-Currently almost 50 members

-Moving towards "privatisation"

  • Limited company owning and controlling all assets and activities
  • Also a "residual" intergovernmental organisation which will ensure that basic principles of pan-European coverage, universal service, non-discrimination and fair competition are observed by the company

EUTELSAT Structure:

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