Lecture 1, General Principles

Presentation / Lecture 1, General Principles

Date Submitted: 06 June 2001

Written by RPC Telecommunications Ltd.. Website: http://www.rpctelecom.com

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This is the first in a series of general satcom tutorial lectures submitted by RPC Telecommunications.

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-Section 1
The pioneers of satellite communications
-Section 2
Historical Perspective
-Section 3
-Section 4
Advantages & Disadvantages of satellite communications.
-Section 5
Frequency bands & the Satellite Link.

The Pioneers of Satellite Communications

-Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (1857 - 1935)
Russian visionary of space flight First described the multi-stage rocket as means of achieving orbit.

Link: The life of Konstantin Eduardovitch Tsiolkovsky

-Hermann Noordung (1892 - 1929)
Postulated the geostationary orbit.

Link: The Problem of Space Travel: The Rocket Motor

-Arthur C. Clarke (1917 - )
Postulated the entire concept of international satellite telecommunications from geostationary satellite orbit including   coverage, power, services, solar eclipse.

Link: "Wireless World" (1945)

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