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Date Submitted: 04 October 2001

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A lecture covering satellite coordination calculation. Both the software, and manual sides of calculation are covered.

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-Section 1
Coordination Tasks
-Section 2
Link & Interference Analysis
-Section 3
Protection Ratio Analysis
-Section 4
Databases, Data Gathering and Processing
-Section 5
ITU Software Tools
-Section 6
Proprietary Software Tools
-Section 7
Proprietary Software Tools
A number of commercially available software tools are available to undertake various tasks:
RPC Software Tools
C/I Analysis Tool
  • Excel-based set of spreadsheets to calculate the carrier-to-interference ratio between the emissions of a pair of networks.
  • Is used for undertaking carrier-to-interference calculations as part of the preparatory work for and participation in coordination meetings.

Priority Analysis

  • Investigates the relative “priority” of the bands and beams in a set of ITU filings.

MSMI Analysis

  • Automatically prepares “Most Sensitive Most Interfering” carrier datasets for use in C/I analyses.

CSum Analysis

  • Provides a summary of a filing.

Transponder Analysis

  • Graphically displays frequency overlap between networks (transponder plans).


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