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Date Submitted: 04 October 2001

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A lecture covering satellite coordination calculation. Both the software, and manual sides of calculation are covered.

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-Section 1
Coordination Tasks
-Section 2
Link & Interference Analysis
-Section 3
Protection Ratio Analysis
-Section 4
Databases, Data Gathering and Processing
-Section 5
ITU Software Tools
-Section 6
Proprietary Software Tools
-Section 7
Databases, Data Gathering & Processing
Coordination analysis needs information on "wanted" and "interfering" satellite networks.

Some regulatory information:

  • ITU status of network
  • ITU "findings" for specific assignments
  • ITU "priority" (date of protection) for assignments

Detailed technical information:

  • Satellite beam parameters (gain, footprint, service area, noise temperature)
  • Earth station parameters (gain, sidelobe, noise temperature)
  • Transmission parameters (carrier type, modulation, max and min power and power density)

The ITU maintains a comprehensive database of all networks (satellite and terrestrial) undergoing coordination and those that have completed coordination and are recorded as in use (Master International Frequency Register - MIFR). 

This database should be the source of all regulatory and technical data used for coordination. Most software tools use this database.

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