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Date Submitted: 04 October 2001

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A lecture covering satellite coordination calculation. Both the software, and manual sides of calculation are covered.

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-Section 1
Coordination Tasks
-Section 2
Link & Interference Analysis
-Section 3
Protection Ratio Analysis
-Section 4
Databases, Data Gathering and Processing
-Section 5
ITU Software Tools
-Section 6
Proprietary Software Tools
-Section 7

Coordination Tasks

What do we need to be able to do for successful coordination?

Link and interference analysis:

  • Link budget / C/N analysis
  • Interference analysis
  • Margin analysis
  • Proposing technical solutions

Data gathering and processing:

  • Collecting information about other networks
  • Understanding regulatory issues
  • Analysing transmission parameters to support technical analysis
Software Tools
Software tools can assist with all these tasks:
  • Data searching, manipulation and analysis
  • Pre-calculation dataset preparation
  • Calculation and technical analysis

Software is available from a number of sources, but the main "software" needed to do successful coordination is in your own brain! 

So we will look at some manual analysis before we review software tools.

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