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Date Submitted: 02 October 2001

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Covers topics including Satellite Coordination Background, Satellite - Terrestrial and Satellite - Satellite Coordination and the role of the ITU in coordination.

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-Section 1
Satellite Coordination Background
-Section 2
What Is Coordination?
-Section 3
Key Issues
-Section 4
Frequency Allocations
-Section 5
Satellite - Terrestrial Coordination
-Section 6
Satellite - Satellite Coordination
-Section 7

Satellite Coordination Background

The physical problem:

The paper problem:

In this introductory lecture I hope to show you…

  • Why these charts are significant!
  • Why they mean that satellite coordination is an extremely important activity.
  • The issues, practicalities and techniques of coordination.
  • Why the ITU coordination process needs reform.

All radio-based services can cause and receive interference but satellite networks are generally trans-border because they have global or regional service areas so can cause and receive interference across wide regions. They are also interference constrained in a crowded orbit environment. Coordination is thus critical.

Trans Border Networks

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