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Date Submitted: 02 October 2001

Written by RPC Telecommunications. Website:

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Covers topics including Satellite Coordination Background, Satellite - Terrestrial and Satellite - Satellite Coordination and the role of the ITU in coordination.

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-Section 1
Satellite Coordination Background
-Section 2
What Is Coordination?
-Section 3
Key Issues
-Section 4
Frequency Allocations
-Section 5
Satellite - Terrestrial Coordination
-Section 6
Satellite - Satellite Coordination
-Section 7


The pages which follow are the slides of a lecture presented by Mark C J Posen of RPC Telecommunications Ltd.

The slides were created using Microsoft PowerPoint and converted to HTML. During conversion the slides were combined into 7 sections.

You can navigate between these sections at will from the left hand side. However, bear in mind that for the slides to make the most sense, it is suggested that you read through them in order.

Please note that this presentation contains the lecturers notes, and so in some places are not complete. If you have any questions regarding these lectures please contact the author here.

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